Meet our CEO

meet our CEO

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Founder And Owner - GeoMaus

Dear Friend,


We are so excited that you’re here.

Want to ensure exceptional results in your construction projects? GeoMaus has the solution. Our process offers accuracy, speed, and cost savings. We innovate to make construction precise and efficient, setting your projects apart.

At GeoMaus, we simplify your construction journey with a revolutionary process. It guarantees precision, speed, and big cost savings. We understand the challenges of finding specialized talent, so we empower you to overcome them. With us, you elevate your projects confidently, thanks to innovation and precision.

Our process blends cutting-edge technology and expert craftsmanship. It starts with precise drawings to reduce errors and costly rework. Swift project turnarounds keep you on schedule and significant cost savings make your projects financially sound. GeoMaus makes construction more accessible, efficient and rewarding.

The best part is you don’t have to worry about the complexities of sourcing specialized talent or the headaches of costly errors in your projects or even project delays.

The process works for any professional/business/architect/building owner… in
Canada, UK, Ireland and some parts of Europe …we can help ignite the success of your projects.

Our solution is perfect for you.

Let Me Ask You A Few Quick Questions:

Wouldn't it be fantastic to effortlessly access specialized services without the hassle of sourcing talent in this niche, all at a reasonable price?

Wouldn't it be great to have quick access to accurate as-built drawings and other vital project details, significantly reducing project delays and budget overruns?

Wouldn't it be a relief to cut down on time costs and stress in your renovation projects, thanks to innovative technology that streamlines the entire process?

Wouldn't it be remarkable to reduce expenses by avoiding unnecessary site visits, improving productivity, and boosting communication throughout your projects?

Wouldn't it be wise to embrace 3D lidar scanning to save thousands of dollars on each project, benefiting from enhanced productivity, cost savings and improved communication?

Wouldn't it be amazing to have all the 3D design options you want and just the way you want?

If You Answered “Yes” To Any Of Those Questions, Then You Need To Read This Letter Carefully… Because We Are About To Show You How To Make It All Happen.

Hello! I’m Michael Kiernan, The Founder And Owner Of GeoMaus.  I’ve Helped Numerous Clients Achieve Remarkable Results In Their Projects. With Our Services, Clients Typically Save Between 20-30% On Each Project, Thanks To Streamlined Processes And Cost-Efficient Solutions. We’ve Also Significantly Increased Productivity And Communication Within Projects, Ensuring Smoother Collaboration Among Stakeholders.

Our 3D Virtual Tours Are A Game-Changer, Enabling Clients To Explore Properties Remotely, Reducing The Need For Site Visits. Additionally, Our Accurate As-Built Drawings Lay A Solid Foundation For Projects, Minimizing Errors And Costly Rework.

At GeoMaus, Our Mission Is To Simplify The Complex World Of Construction And Renovation. We’ve Successfully Achieved This By Offering A Turnkey Solution That Combines Innovative Technology With Expert Craftsmanship. Clients Appreciate Our Commitment To Excellence, And We Take Pride In Making Construction Projects More Accessible, Efficient, And Rewarding For Everyone Involved.

In Just A Moment, I’ll Be Sharing The Solution That Will Revolutionize Your Construction Projects For The Better.

Before We Go Ahead With Anything, Let Me Give You A Quick Warning:

This Might Not Be For You...

I’m Only Going To Share This Solution And Process With People Who Are Truly Serious About Investing In Their Building.

If You Want To Carry On Feeling Stressed Out About Your Renovation/Retrofitting, Then This Is Not For You.

If You Want To Carry On Being Lost In The Construction World, Then This Is Not For You.

If You Want To Carry On Wasting Your Valuable Time And Hard-Earned Money On Outdated Construction Methods And Costly Errors, Then Our Innovative Solution May Not Be The Right Fit For You.

The Problem...

You Face Difficulties In Visualizing Project Details And Layouts, Which Can Hinder Decision-Making And Project Planning.

You're Dealing With The Inefficiencies Of Frequent On-Site Visits, Which Can Be Time-Consuming And Costly.

You Struggle With Miscommunication And Coordination Issues Among Project Stakeholders, Which Can Lead To Delays And Misunderstandings.

Say Goodbye To The Old Way Of Construction And Embrace The Future With GeoMaus! We’re Revolutionizing The Industry By Streamlining Processes, Reducing Costs, And Enhancing Precision. It’s Time To Leave The Past Behind And Usher In A New Era Of Construction Excellence.


Imagine Exploring The Building Remotely In The Comfort Of Your Own Office/Home.

Imagine Adopting More Efficient Renovation Methods, Which Reduce Expenses Related To Site Visits, Errors And Inefficient Processes, Ultimately Making Projects More Affordable.

Imagine Having All The Tools To Enhance Overall Project Efficiency, Minimize Administrative Burdens And Ensure Your Projects Progress Smoothly And On Time.

Embrace The Future Of Construction With GeoMaus! We’re Revolutionizing The Industry By Streamlining Processes, Reducing Costs And Enhancing Precision. Our Cutting-Edge Solutions Offer Accurate As-Built Drawings, Efficient 3D Virtual Tours And Simplified Project Management. With GeoMaus, You’ll Experience Construction In A Whole New Way, Where Innovation And Efficiency Are The Cornerstones Of Success.
Take A Look At What Our Clients Had To Say

At This Stage, You Have 2 Options:

1) Ignore What I’ve Explained Today And You Will Keep Living With Your Current Project Struggles…

2) You Give Me An Extra 2 Minutes And I’ll Explain How Our Service Can Help You In Just A Short Time.


GeoMaus Is Our All-In-One Solution That Handles Every Aspect Of Your Construction Project, Providing A Convenient And Streamlined Way To Collaborate On Building Data.

Our Clients Love The Fact That They Don't Have To Sign Up To Different Software's Just To Get The Same Result. They Can Go From A Complicated Process To Just A Simple And Easy Process.

Our Platform Guarantees On-Time Project Delivery Within Budget, Without Compromising Precision.

It's User-Friendly, So You Can Skip The Learning Curve And Get Right To Work.

Get Accurate As-Built Drawings In CAD, PDF, BIM Formats.

Explore Properties Remotely With 3D Virtual Tours.

Easily Convert Complex Data With Point Cloud To CAD And BIM.

Save Time And Money With Quick, Affordable Floor Plans.

Some Of Our Clients Have Save Up To 20-30% Of Costs And We Know We Can Help You Do The Same.

Capture Precise Data With Advanced 3D Laser Scanning.

Visualize Projects Effectively With Detailed 3D Design Services.

Optimize Facilities Management And Asset Tracking.

Simplify Project Management For All Users.

Streamline Project Planning And Execution.

Harness Innovative 3D Lidar Scanning Technology.

Reduce Errors And Rework With Precise Data.

Minimize On-Site Visits, Saving Time And Expenses.

Improve Collaboration And Communication.

Adopt Environmentally Friendly Practices.

Enjoy Significant Cost Savings.

Speed Up Project Timelines For Timely Completion.

Rest Assured With Our Satisfaction Guarantee.

Elevate Construction Efficiency And Precision.

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Michael Kiernan

If You’re Interested In Learning More About The Service, Then I’d Like To Invite You To Book A Free Call To See What This Process Can Do For You With Your Own Eyes *This Call Isn’t A Pitch.

It’s About Helping You… One Of My Team Will Tell You Everything From A To Z And Answer Any Of Your Questions… While Creating An Action Plan To Make It Happen In The Fastest Time Possible…Then, If You Qualify… You’ll Be Invited To Become Our Next Success Story… There Is Absolutely NO PRESSURE…